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Soul & Mod 

Soul & Mod is a website whose focus is to provide information on the subculture of Mod as well as the discussion of Soul music.

In addition this site includes posts discussing artists associated with Mod and Soul music. Complementing these, a personal selection of videos and Mixcloud uploads will be discussed. They will focus on my personal choices of early R&B and 60s Soul music. Also included are articles related to fashion, clothing and style. Future discussion will touch on style from both the male and female modernist perspective. This will range from the various style adaptations of those of the 1960s Mod to the Mod revival through to the present day. Other sections will include books and 1960s cinema. Also a section on my personal memorabilia and associated memories of my time as a Mod girl during the 1980s.

This site is not intended to be a definitive guide to Mod. Neither is its chief purpose to be a concise encyclopaedia of Soul and other related genres. Its aim is to add a collection of articles on an ongoing basis. These I hope will be of interest and of positive use for the prospective reader: its role being to appeal to those with a Mod and associated interest. In conclusion, this site endeavours to create a positive resource: for those involved or interested in the Mod and Soul community. Equally also being a personal chronicle of my participation and memories within the 1980s Mod scene and beyond and those which reflect my Soul music tastes.

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