Adding Events To Soul & Mod

How To Add An Event – Add Events To Soul & Mod

First make sure you are logged in

1. Click on this link to Add a new event.

2. Add the name of your event in the Event title (required)

3. Give a brief description (required) of your event, guest DJ’s, dress code etc in the event description

4. Enter the date (required) and times.

5. Add tags and an image preferably.

6. If this is the first time you have held an event at this venue then you need to create a new venue and enter the address.
If you or someone else has already held an event at that venue then you will be able to select
it from a drop down list. Enter the postcode without spaces eg SW11AA.

If you do this  a Google map will be placed on your  event page making it easy for people to find you.

7. Add the organiser.

8. Add a website if you have one.

9. Add the cost on the door or leave blank if its free.
If you offer a discount for advance tickets you can let people know in the event description.

10. Hit submit event.

Your event is now pending. One of our team will then check it and make it public on the website.

Users will now be able to see your event and even find it on search engines like Google.

You can review and edit your event at any time by logging in and
visiting my events link

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