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Welcome to the Soul & Mod directory. The purpose of this directory is to include services that are for the Mod and Soul communities. Listing on this site is free.

Add A Listing On Soul & Mod

  1. To add a listing on this directory to promote and advertise your service, however you will need to register first.
  2. We will send a quick activation email  to you and you will then be able to log in to the Soul & Mod directory and create an advert.
  3. After logging in you will need to click on the create a listing button.
  4. Select your appropriate category and fill in the listing information. Please then fill in the mandatory form fields, including your e-mail address.
  5. Short Description; describes your service in a couple of short sentence
  6. Long description ; elaborate on your short description, making sure that you include key points regarding your service.
  7. Tags ;  Advertisers can add up to five tags. These are the words that you associate with your service and how users of this site can find you. Furthermore, also how you will be found on search engines. So for example if you are advertising a vintage clothes shop, specialising in 1960s clothing, appropriate tags  would be “vintage shop”, “1960s”, “1960s Clothing”.
  8. In addition we also strongly suggest that in order to promote your Mod or Soul related service that you also upload an appropriate image.
  9. We aim to publish listings and events on the website within two working days, not including weekends. However please note that it can take up to three working days at busy times.

Content submissions within the theme of this site are most welcome. Those which are appropriate – and of a positive addition to the site – will be included. We cannot guarantee the publishing all advert submissions. Therefore we respectfully request for each to be in consideration of the diversity and refreshing approach we endeavor to promote within the sphere of Mod and its relative genres.


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