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Soul. Blues. Jazz. Books for music lovers.
A Nickel And A Nail is a UK based specialist independent bookstore for readers interested in exploring the history of 1960s soul, rhythm and blues, and related musical fields. 

A Nickel And A Nail is a UK based specialist independent bookstore for readers interested in exploring the history of soul, rhythm and blues, and related musical fields. 
Our mission is not only to sell literary works but to contribute to the preservation of soul and related music history, and to update customers on literature reviews through our regular blog and review features. We are also provide a unique independent platform to support and promote the sale of quality self-publications in these genres.
We sell new and quality used books, collectable magazines, fanzines, vintage sheet music and picture cover 45s.

All That Soul
Motown, funk, soul and disco live band show

All That Soul is professional live band performing some of the greatest hits of Motown, Funk, Soul and Disco.

Dressed in full costume we take our audience on a timeless musical journey giving them an unforgettable experience

We are available for Weddings and Ceromonies, Parties, Festivals, Corporate functions and other special events.

Please contact us for a quote.

07852 148124
07852 148124
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Global Modernists
Group for all Mods and the entire spectrum of Mod sounds.

Global Modernism – The respectful and friendly group for both traditional Modernists and Revivalists, the full spectrum of Mod sounds are covered.

Global Modernists
Looking Back – The Facebook Page For Modernists
Looking Back The Facebook Group For Modernists

Looking back is a Facebook group for lovers of the 1960s mod scene. Post your tunes, pictures up and coming events etc..and most of all enjoy.

Maurice Moore Mixcloud – 1960s & Original Mod Music
Music I grew up to in the 60s played on Mixcloud.

In the 60s, I started to go to the clubs of Nottingham, starting with the Dungeon, then the Beachcomber, the Boat Clubs (the Boat, Brit and Union) and then many of the others which sprang up. They started playing Mod and Soul music which I had heard covered by the many British bands being formed but these were the originals and had a huge impact on my life. I started playing some of this music on my podcasts on Mixcloud, an attempt to get across to the listener what life was like hearing loud music for the first time and dancing in those dark cellars or small rooms to those vibrant throbbing sounds. A very good example of some of the first music I heard at this iconic club is one entitled ‘Dungeon Days’.

Maurice Moore
Style conscious modernists, without the tat xx

Modernistas – The group for people that realise there’s far more to the scene beyond a flag, The Jam and far too many bits and bobs on the front of your scooter. Style and detail are key. xx

Rob Cox Mixcloud – Nit3owl64
Various mixes from over the years

Just loving 6t’s & Northern Soul and Motown, Boss Reggae & Ska, with a little Funky Stuff on the side.

Nit3owl64 Mixcloud
Sounds And Pressure
Sounds And Pressure – Record And CD Collectors Mail Order Company

Sounds And Pressure are an established record and CD etc collectors mail order company dealing in all types of music all artists from the 1950’s – 2K’s

Sounds & Pressure
Kent UK
Soup & Bread Mixcloud
DJs Soup & Bread spinning R&B, Soul, Latin , Popcorn and Jazz. Residents at La Vie club night.

DJs Soup & Bread (AKA Oliver Moore and Mark Benjamin Linnett are a duo originally from Leicester, but now based in Leeds spinning R&B, Soul, Latin , Popcorn and Jazz. Residents at La Vie club night and guesting at various mod and R&B nights across the UK.

DJs Soup & Bread
The Dungeon Club, Nottingham Blog
The Dungeon was an iconic club in Nottingham, one of the first catering for the demands of a young Mod audience looking to hear good music and live bands, dance and generally show off.

The Dungeon was open between 1964 and 1968, playing soul, Motown, jazz, blues, r&b featuring live bands and artists from America and the UK, such as Little Stevie Wonder, Wilson Pickett, Inez & Charlie Foxx, the Who, Small Faces, Steam Packet and many more. This is both a website and blogsite containing listings and information about those who played there, the music played and the people who went – who were they? What clothes did they wear? Where did they buy the clothes? Where are they now? An attempt to define and document everything about those times.

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