My Mod Music Journey – Growing Up With Early Soul & 60s R&B

My Mod Musical Journey – Mod Music & It’s Related Genres

Over the course of time I will be including several articles discussing my musical journey of Mod. My very earliest Mod music memories and influences. All of which are encompassed under the umbrella termed Mod music. These articles will discuss this music from my pre teen years. Beginning with my very formative yrs, to the early 1980s and through to the present day. A mixture of early Soul, post Punk, Mod Revival, 60s Soul, Latin Soul and early R&B. The songs which contribute to distinct dates within my music calendar, of which there are many. The vast majority which make me smile, as well as a small minority of which are very poignant for me personally. However regardless, they consist of reminders of my parents, people, places and events during my years of being a Mod girl

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