Soul Author Mark Windle – Soul Music & Book Writing Part 2

Rhythm Message - Lesser Known Southern Soul Artists of The 1960s
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….Of Soul Music, Book Writing and Lost Histories. – E. Mark Windle, April 2018. Part 2

South East American Soul

These days though collector choice has moved more toward cherry picking the obscurities from the Carolinas and Virginia. This also includes other areas of the south east for sound that suits us. These include soulful 60s garage band records and integrated groups. Some of these rare recordings may be completely alien to mainstream beach music fans in the US.  However at the end of the day these were all part of the fabric. No surprise then that most of my books focus on these artist biographies and recordings from 1960s Carolinas and Virginia.

Soul Reflections - Soul Artists 1960-1971 - E. Mark Windle
Soul Reflections – Soul Artists 1960-1971 – E. Mark Windle

There are similar regions elsewhere in the south, which ironically may not immediately spring to mind as hotbeds of soul but contributed in their own way to the evolution of the music. Sometimes history is written in a way which emphasises popular elements of the music industry so much that it masks other artistic developments. Psychologists would probably tag it as false memory. Nashville is one example. Much of the city’s soul music history has until recent years been obscured by its accolade as the country music centre of the universe.

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