Soul & Mod Newsletter Number 11 – July 2019">

Soul & Mod Newsletter Number 11 – June 2019

Time again for another update & newsletter 3 to update you on some of the additions to Soul & Mod. 🙂 For those wishing to add an event or add relevant links within the business directory, encompassing the theme & genres of Soul or Mod music & culture please register & submit. For those who wish to contribute to the site please feel free to contact me on Facebook or Twitter. As always a big thanks to everyone who continues to support the site.
Keep smiling as always …  Jayne 🙂 x

My Song For The Month

Jewel Akens – My First Lonely Night

A beautiful mid tempo slice of 60s Soul. Released on ERA records in 1966, I think this track is pure chocolate for the ears and has been a constant listen of mine for the past few months.

retep13  Published on Aug 12, 2008

Article Of The Month – Clelia Lucchitta – Italian Mod Girl Interview Part 1

Clelia Lucchitta 1980s Milan Mod Girl
Clelia Lucchitta 1980s Milan Mod Girl. Photo kind permission and copyright of Clelia Lucchitta

Within Soul & Mod, I always to encompass a variety of topics which are associated with these genres. The memories section I especially like to work on because I have a pure love of nostalgia, as well as knowing that the visitors to Soul & Mod, enjoy reading these articles. Therefore I was delighted to catch up with a friend of mine, Clelia Lucchitta, from Milan. Clelia has been part of the Mod scene spanning over three decades and is well known and respected throughout the Italian & UK scenes. We had an enjoyable and insightful chat about her 80s Mod days in April. In addition it was extra icing on the cake, so to speak, to hear not only about her memories but also an introduction to my site regarding life as a European Mod. Here is  Clelia’s interview.


Recommended Event – The Pow Wow Club Sheffield Weekender 2019 – 2/08/19 – 4/08/19

The Pow Wow Club Sheffield Weekender 2019 - DJs Mik Parry, Gav Arno, Callum Simpson, Andrew Mace Mason, Lionel Romano, John Parker. Yellow Arch Studios, 30-36 Burton Road, Sheffield S3 8BX. Playing vintage & 60s R&B, Soul, Boogaloo, Mod Jazz & Ska. 2/08/19 - 4/08/19


The Pow Wow Club Sheffield Weekender 2019 is back on 2/08/19 – 4/08/19. With DJs Mik Parry, Gav Arno, Callum Simpson, Andrew Mace Mason & guest DJs Lionel Romano & John Parker. Based at the great venue of the Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield, this is weekender that is not to be missed on the Mod calendar. For all those who attend your ears & dancing feet will be treated to mid 50s to mid 60s R&B based sounds, as well as across the board 60s Mod sounds. Those sounds which also include 60s R&B, club Jazz, badass Soul, Ska, Rocksteady, Latin Boogaloo and bits of groovy Garage. Further details of which can be found here The Pow Wow Club Sheffield Weekender 2019 events page.

Here is a taster of last year’s Pow Wow Club Sheffield Weekender 2018 ……

moody millie Published on Aug 6, 2018


Featured Facebook Group For June 2019 – Modernistas

Modernistas - For Style Conscious Mods Discussing Soul, 60s R&B, Mod Jazz
There are so many groups on Facebook that encompass the genre of Mod subculture. Dependent upon your preference and what your perception of Mod subculture is about there are a whole host to join. As those who know me, know I have a great love of 60s Soul music. Modernistas is one of my favourite Facebook groups as it concentrates on the wide plethora and a deep & respected knowledge of Jazz, Soul and Blues music. Admined by Bell Sheffield, Inga Stollenz & Mark Aldridge, if you are’nt a member and like the true roots of music that Mod is associated with, I highly recommend joining Modernistas.

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