Soul & Mod Newsletter – Number 5 – August 2018

Welcome To Soul & Mod’s Newsletter – Number 5 – August 2018

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Here is my song for this month …One of my favourite tracks to hopefully make everyone smile,

The Turnpikes – Cast A Spell

POWWOWMIK Published on Oct 19, 2017

Article Of The Month – The Atlantic Soul Collective – Chatting With Early R&B & Soul DJ Caroline Dann

Last year, I discovered a Mixcloud account called The Atlantic Soul Collective. A great collection of uploads with a diversity of 50s & 60s R&B, rare & Northern Soul as well as funky edged Soul. I decided to approach DJ Caroline Dann, one of the DJs from The Atlantic Soul Collective for a chat regarding her DJing and passion for Soul music, which shines through in these Mixcloud uploads & I think are superb. Here is that interview.

Soul DJ Caroline Dann
Soul DJ Caroline Dann. Photo kind permission of Caroline Dann

Recommended Event Of The Month – Raduno Mod Italiano – Italian Mod Rally 2018 – 28/09/18 – 29/09/18 Cattolica, Italy

Raduno Mod in Cattolica is taking place on the 28th – 29th September 2018. Celebrating it’s 13th anniversary, this is going to be a great weekend if you are able to attend. One which is a definite event on the Mod calendar. With a great selection of DJs : Stefano Nuti (Florence), Daniele Guerzoni & Giampaolo Martelli (Emilia), Marco Bellizzi (Cosenza), Raffaele Re (Milan), Bill Kealy (Ireland), Eric Djiane (France), Daniel Ciardelli (Teramo), Fabrizio Boschetti (Gambettola FC) Mark Shaw (England) & Mark Crew (England). Raduno Mod Italiano Cattolica, Italy

Raduno Mod Italiano 28/09/18 - 29/09/18 - Via del Porto 171, 47841 Cattolica, Italy. Playing 60s Soul, 60s & Vintage R&B, Mod Jazz & Mod Classics


Book Of The Month – Jimmy Mack – Some Kind of Wonderful

Jimmy Mack – Some Kind of Wonderful’ is novel one reviewer described as, ‘Romeo & Juliet rode a scooter.’ Set against a mid-Sixties backdrop of all-nighters drugs and Soul music it is a book for the ‘grown ups’ of this world. A story enabling them to dive back into their own past to experience once more the joys, thrills and anxieties of youth as Jimmy and Effy deal with their emotions, relationships and growing sexual desires. ‘Jimmy Mack 1967 – Strong Love (Side A)’ is the sequel appearing Autumn 2018.

Jimmy Mack – Some Kind of Wonderful - 1960s Mods, Mod novel by John Knight.

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