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In the authors, books and literature section of this site I will add a series of articles and pages overtime. These will be specific to Kitchen Sink Realism books, Mod subculture books, as well as Soul books. These articles will also include references to further reading.

Kitchen Sink Realism Books

Selection Of Kitchen Sink Realism Books
Selection Of Kitchen Sink Realism Books. Copyright Jayne Thomas.

This section includes the discussion of my personal and favourite books, authors and literature that connects to the late 1950s and 1960s. Predominantly it will concentrate on the “Angry Young Men” genre, termed Kitchen Sink Realism / Kitchen Sink books.

Mod Subculture Books

Selection Of Mod Subculture Books
Selection of Mod Subculture books. Copyright Jayne Thomas.

In addition, posts within this section, discuss, as well as drawing from my personal experiences of reading a variety of the youth subculture books related to Mod. These include the Mod subculture literature that I was to discover as a Mod girl in the early 1980s. Furthermore, books I have collected and read through to the current day.

Here a variety of examples of Mod books based on factual representation are considered. This includes examples of those books, which chronicle the experiences of individuals that have or continue to live the Mod lifestyle. This section does not only restrict itself to those books which pen fact. It also discusses the works of pop pulp fiction, some of which we associate with Mods.

There is a large list of authors who have written books relating to the youth subculture of Mod. Whether this be factual, biographical or fictional. However I wish to discuss a choice personal selection. Some of my favourite books based on mod culture are discussed within this section.

Soul & Music Books

These posts, are specific to those books that discuss the musical genre of Soul. Each post re capping, not only on older publications, however those recently published. These include those which also concentrate on Northern Soul, as well as choice music reading.

Social Realism & Kitchen Sink Realism Books Appeal – Kitchen Sink Authors Of The 1950s & 1960s

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