The Rimini Mod Scene Part 5 – Italo Adriani

Italo Adriani, Rimini Mods - Kennedy Square, Rimini Italy, April 1986

The Rimini Mod Scene Part 5 – Italo Adriani …. 80s Mod Events Music Memories

Continuing with the articles and series of chats with Andrea Mattioni and Italo Adriani regarding their recollections of the Rimini Mod Scene, here is part 5. This article covers Italo’s music memories. An exemplary music compilation of some of Italo’s selected tracks that remind him of his participation in the Rimini Mod scene back in the 80s. Some musical treasures and Mod classics that continue to be played at the best Mod events today in 2019. Equally, many of which are an enjoyable stroll down memory lane for those of us who were there as 80s Mods.

4. Which tracks remind you of the 1980’s Rimini Mod scene?

Italo :

Listed are some of tracks that remind me of the 80s Mod events. However there are so many and I could go on for days.

Marsha Gee – Peanut Duck -Joker

Mar 9, 2010

Hank Jacobs – So Far Away – Sue Records

Dec 30, 2013

Ramsey Lewis – Wade In The Water – Cadet

Aug 29, 2010

Davy Jones and the Lower Third – You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving – Parlophone

May 4, 2011

Billy Preston – In The Midnight Hour – Capitol Records

Oct 13, 2013
Andrew Cullup

Georgie Fame – No Thanks – CBS

Apr 4, 2015
Georgie Fame – Topic

Bo Street Runners – Baby Never Say Goodbye –

Oct 14, 2009

Dave Berry – Dont Give Me No Lip Child -London Records

Jul 18, 2017
Ulf Gustafsson

The Birds – Say Those Magic Words – Reaction

Apr 17, 2016
John Manship – Rock, Pop & Ska

Betty Harris – Mean Man – Sansu Records

Jul 6, 2015
John Manship

Betty Harris – Trouble With My Lover – Sansu Records

Nov 19, 2017

I’m A Man – Wynder K Frog – Island Records

Sep 2, 2009
Matthew East

David – Please Mr Policeman – Philips

Jun 25, 2014
Euro Yeyé

Concluding this series of articles regarding the Rimini Mod Scene, Italo will be discussing his memorable Mod evens of the 1980s in part 7. Additionally his preference in clothing, as well as his beloved scooters. A special thanks to Italo for his time and chats reminiscing his early 80s Mod memories in Italy.


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