The Rimini Mod Scene Part 2 – Andrea Mattioni

Andrea Mattioni circa 1983 - Rimini Mods - Italian Mod - 1983
Andrea Mattioni - Rimini Mods 1983. Photo copyright and kind permission of Andrea Mattioni.

The Rimini Mod Scene Part 2 – The 1980s –  Andrea Mattioni

Continuing the introduction from Italo, regarding his memories of participating in the 1980s Rimini Mod scene. Here is part two of that series of chats and interview by Andrea Mattioni. Andrea notably being one of the prominent 1980s Rimini Mods. Here Andrea,  gives us a pleasant and well documented walk down memory lane for many 80s Mods. Not only regarding some aspects of our mutual experiences across the globe, but in Italy at that time also.  A lovely insight into what influenced Andrea to become encapsulated  in Mod life and his early recollections of  being a young Mod male in Rimini in the early 1980s. Furthermore those influences which were to ignite that touch paper, so to speak, to enter a life of Mod. One that I know continues to this day for Andrea. Here is part 1 of one of those transcripts of Andrea’s.

1. When did you become interested in the Mod Scene?

Andrea :

It was early 1982, aged 16

2. What aspects drew you to the Mod Scene?

Andrea :

Since a young age I always wanted to be different from the masses. At around 15 I started exploring new types of music, listening to some New Wave. Through this I came across groups like the Jam and Secret Affair.  You have got to remember that Italy wasn’t like the UK in 1981, where the Mod scene was probably at its top.  In Italy there was hardly anything out of the mainstream. Nobody knew who the Jam were and for sure there wasn’t any Mod shops or anything similar.

Andrea Mattioni - Rimini Mod - Italian Mod 1983
Andrea Mattioni – 1983. Photo copyright and kind permission of Andrea Mattioni.

In the beginning of 1982 I met a guy at school who was a year above me. I had seen him around wearing a Parka. He noticed that I had Mod bands names written with a marker on my school bag and he started talking to me. As a consequence of this he then invited me to go to a club where the Rimini Mods used to go. It was a sort of alternative club, where everything that wasn’t commercial would be played. This included New Wave, Punk and amongst it some Mod music too. I will never forget when I got there and saw all those cool looking people all standing together, it would have probably been 20/30 of them. I was hooked and I have never looked back.


Andrea Mattioni - Rimini Mods - Italian Mod- Circa 1980s
Andrea Mattioni 1985 – Rimini Mods. Photo copyright and kind permission of Andrea Mattioni.

3. What Mod related events & clubs were prominent in your memory that you attended / Djed at?

Andrea :

The main one would have to be the Rimini Easter Mod Rally (later known as The Italian Job Mod Rally), which I have organised from 1984 till 2014. A lot of hard work went into it and it left me with many happy and not so happy memories. The other one has got to be the Blackpool CCI Mod Rally in Blackpool in 1987, when I rode my Lambretta all the way from Italy. There are many, many more great events which I attended. However the list would be far too long.

Below is footage of  the Italian Job Mod Rally Rimini 2014, which Andrea organised and can seen on the decks spinning the R&B classic,  Baby Please Don’t Go by Jo Ann Henderson.

Italian Job Mod Rally Rimini 2014 The Finale

Maggie Mattioni – May 2, 2014


Andrea’s great interest and input within the Mod scene, not only in Italy but here in the UK, spans over 35 years. One which I would like to add is an admirable testament to his dedication to the Mod scene. I would also like to say a big thanks to my friend Andrea Mattioni for his time and chats regarding his early Mod life in the Rimini Mod scene. Also as well, for discussing those areas which  shaped his interest in Mod subculture and his fond recollections. Additionally for the use of his photographs regarding this article. In part 5 of this detailed chats, I will be listing some of Andrea’s prominent 1980s “Mod music” memories. Your ears are in for a great treat which I know will have you smiling …  Stay tuned for some of Andrea’s 80s musical treats ……  🙂



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