Favourite 60s Soul Songs Of 2018 – Part 1

John Roberts - I'll Forget You - Duke

My Favourite 60s Soul Songs Of 2018 – 1-7

To summarise 2018, my Soul musical journey this year, has been a really good one. There is a buzz for me of the rediscovery of old tracks as well as new ones. As I have found, I hear one track that is mesmerising and then I am on the lookout for others. As always with me it’s predominantly listening to 60s Soul or club Soul as some of my friends call it. My listening pleasure is derived from old vinyl, new CD purchases, MixCloud, the Mod and Soul related events I attend, discussions with friends, You Tube and the sharing of music on Twitter and Facebook. It’s what I feel akin to as delving into a giant lucky bag.

I have heard so many good 60s Soul & 60s R&B tracks, as well as some modern Soul this year. Therefore it’s been difficult to shortlist some of my favourite listens. However although I initially was intending to list 12 songs that are of significance in my musical calendar of 2018, I cheated and decided to list 14 instead. 😀

I have tried to list them in chronological order, as I have a tendency to have certain ear worms for different months. Here are the first seven from those fourteen tracks. As always when I share music, I like to credit the source. After all without these musical sources, I would not be able to expand my knowledge. So to those who have introduced me to my 2018 ear worms I would like to say a big thanks … Jayne 🙂 In chronological (ish) order, here they are. I hope you enjoy some, if not all, as much as I do.

1. The Groove – Love (It’s Getting Better) – Wand – 1967

I absolutely adore this track. I think it’s utterly divine. Okay, I know I drive most people dotty mentioning it rather too much, but without a shadow of a doubt had to be in my top 5 favourite Soul listens of 2018. It featured on the Magic Touch LP by Kent records. the LP was released in 1986, but stupidly I never bought a copy. I heard it for the first time on Monkey’s Wandering Wireless Show on Fusion Radio, back in January. Cheers Mark … One of the best 2 minutes and 22 seconds of my music listens in January.

bricomaligno Published on Aug 13, 2012


2. John Roberts – I’ll Forget You – Duke 1968

I have to admit that my tastes vary regarding Soul music. The older I get the more Soul ballads I like. Equally though I also do like Latin Soul & some Gospel Soul. However this I do like, it’s got a funky edge to it. I first heard this on the uploads of The Atlantic Soul Collective entitled He’s The One Who Rings My Bell – Caroline’s 60’s R&B mix.

LtGolub Published on Sep 11, 2011



3. Bobby Bennett Alone With My Tears – V-Tone

My first Soul ballad ear worm for this year. A beautiful slice of Philadelphian Soul. Whilst I admit I heard this a while ago, this has become a prominent listen of mine this year. I think it’s wonderful. I first discovered this track on Mixcloud Weekend Warm Up #16 by Alan Handscombe- McGrath  One I wish to add, is one of my favourite Mixcloud uploads, because it is filled with happy, feelgood music.

bricomaligno Published on Jun 5, 2011

4. Gospel Pearls – Two Little Fishes

A Gospel Soul entry … This track I think is incredibly uplifting, such a feelgood and happy soulful track. Well it certainly puts a smile on my face, everytime I hear it. I have spoke to several friends about this track this year and everyone of them likes it. Pure chocolate for the ears. I first heard this on Mik Parry’s Pow Wow channel on You Tube. A channel well worth a visit, if you have’nt done so far, because the music uploads I find are so uplifting. 🙂

POWWOWMIK Published on Mar 27, 2016

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5. The Spidells – Pushed Out Of The Picture – Coral 1966

This particular track, I first heard on Ian Jackson’s, Detroit Executive show at Back 2 Back Fm. Ian broadcasts his show every Thursday at 10 am – 12 pm. Always packed with so many, many rare Soul tracks and new discoveries. I do try to listen often when working, although unfortunately don’t always get the chance to, but it’s one broadcast that remains in my top favourites. That’s because I like to hear new Soul music. It’s a musical staple diet of mine that continues to educate me regarding songs I have never heard before and doubt I ever would. This is a mid tempo Soul song. One which I personally think is an example of Soul perfection.

marty85560 Published on Feb 15, 2015

6. Ike and Tina Turner – Somebody Somewhere Needs You – Loma 1965

Although recorded by Darryl Banks, this has to be my preferred version. It was a forgotten listen of mine, which I first heard a couple of years ago when one of my Twitter followers posted it. I added it to my playlist which I listen to whilst working. I like this version because I find it such a feelgood track.

Out2gecha2 Published on Nov 16, 2010

7. Kenny Carter – I’ve Gotta Find Her – RCA – 1966

My second Soul ballad listing for this article. I have what I call my 2+ minutes of speechlessness when there are songs that I hear that stop me dead in my tracks. I experience these occasionally. This is one of mine from this year. The arrangement, the voice and the lyrics I personally think make this track stunningly superb. One of, if not the best 60s Soul ballads I have heard in the last 20 years or so.

I discovered this on the Rare Collectable and Soulful Vol.1: RCA – Northern Soul’s Holy Grail album. I highly recommend a purchase for those who like their 60s Soul, if is’nt a part of your collection already.

Anthony Reichardt Published on Oct 22, 2010

The majority of the above songs are some of my recent discoveries as well as my favourite listens for the first half and Summer of this year. In part 2, I will list the remaining tracks that have also made it to my playlists for the latter part of 2018. As well as including my top two favourite 60s Soul tracks of 2018.

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