Favourite Soul Songs Of 2018 Part 2

The Fiestas - Broken Heart

My Favourite 60s Soul Songs Of 2018 – 8-15

Continuing from my previous article my Favourite 60s Soul Songs Of 2018, are the remainder of my 7 favourite discoveries and listens of 2018.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

8. Broken Hearts Inc. – Please Don’t Walk Away – Kimberlite 2018

By my own admission, I will say I only on the odd occasion listen to Modern Soul. Rather blinkered I know, however as those who know me, know I am somewhat slightly obsessed with 60s Soul. 😀 Whilst I do occasionally listen to artists like Angie Stone, Sharon Jones and Leon Bridges, I must admit I should make one of my 2019 new year’s resolutions to listen to much more. Over this year I have been fortunate to be introduced to some exceptional tracks. This is one of them and has been one of my favourite listens this year. This was recommended by Alan. A truly scrumptious track.

Kimberlite Records Published on Jul 18, 2018

9. Tyrone McCollum & The Inclines – I Don’t Want To Cry – ATCO 1969

I first heard a couple of months ago, played by Ian on his show at Back 2 Back FM. Originally recorded by Chuck Jackson in 1961, this I think is a wonderful mid tempo version of one of his Soul classics.

thesoul59. Published on Nov 26, 2016

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