Favourite Soul Songs Of 2018 Part 2

The Fiestas - Broken Heart

My Favourite 60s Soul Songs Of 2018 – 8-15

Continuing from my previous article my Favourite 60s Soul Songs Of 2018, are the remainder of my 7 favourite discoveries and listens of 2018.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

8. Broken Hearts Inc. – Please Don’t Walk Away – Kimberlite 2018

By my own admission, I will say I only on the odd occasion listen to Modern Soul. Rather blinkered I know, however as those who know me, know I am somewhat slightly obsessed with 60s Soul. 😀 Whilst I do occasionally listen to artists like Angie Stone, Sharon Jones and Leon Bridges, I must admit I should make one of my 2019 new year’s resolutions to listen to much more. Over this year I have been fortunate to be introduced to some exceptional tracks. This is one of them and has been one of my favourite listens this year. This was recommended by Alan. A truly scrumptious track.

Kimberlite Records Published on Jul 18, 2018

9. Tyrone McCollum & The Inclines – I Don’t Want To Cry – ATCO 1969

I first heard a couple of months ago, played by Ian on his show at Back 2 Back FM. Originally recorded by Chuck Jackson in 1961, this I think is a wonderful mid tempo version of one of his Soul classics.

thesoul59. Published on Nov 26, 2016

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10. The Fiestas – The Railroad Song- Broken Heart – Old Town 1962

I was originally introduced to this by my friend Tony Beesley. Released in 1962, it is a lovely example of very early 60s Soul. Equally as good is the B side Broken Heart. I do like this track and is a favourite Popcorn listen of mine from this year.

Pete Griffin Published on Oct 18, 2010

11. Dennis Edwards – Girl Come On In – Gordy 1967

My only Motown entry in my top favourite listens this year. I first heard this a few weeks ago when I was listening to Craig Hannington’s Northern Soul Selection 03/11/2018 Delite Radio. This particular song I personally think is outstanding. It’s one of which I term my goosebump tracks.

Soul Sauce Published on Dec 17, 2015

12. Clyde McPhatter ‎– Only A Fool – Deram 1968

My first favourite listen from Clyde McPhatter this year. Introduced by my friend Mark Crew on his recent visit. A truly beautiful 60s Soul ballad, I personally think it’s mesmerising. A ear worm of mine for the past few weeks.

Soul Sauce Published on Jun 4, 2014

13. Roy Hamilton – Reach Out For Me – RCA Victor 1966

Sung by various artists including Dionne Warwick and Lou Johnson, this has and continues to be one of my favourite plays from the Summer. I do really like Lou Johnson’s version, however I heard this for the first time in July of this year. One which Alan posted on Facebook. As soon as I heard it I thought to myself “This version is completely captivating”. The track is a beautiful song regardless, however in my opinion Roy Hamilton adds that extra sparkle to it. The vocal, lyrics and the arrangements are truly stunning. My second 2+ minutes of speechlessness this year. Truly divine.

david pinches Published on Apr 29, 2011

14. Clyde McPhatter – Lonely People Can’t Afford To Cry

I’ve left this track until the very last as I did in my recent set on Jayne’s Soulful Sundays broadcast on Solid Fusion Radio. The reason is because it’s been a constant play of mine throughout the year. I find it difficult to put into words why this song continues to be my favourite listen of 2018. A handful of songs have had this effect throughout my life and this is certainly one of them. To describe it as pure perfection, as far as 60s Soul is concerned, comes pretty close. Absolutely beautiful on so many levels.

bricomaligno Published on Nov 14, 2010

A heartfelt thanks to all those who continue to share and spread their love of 60s Soul and early R&B. Thanks also to Mark Raison, Caroline Dann, Alan Handscombe-McGrath, Mik Parry, Ian Jackson, Tony Beesley, Craig Hannington and Mark Crew for their introduction to some of the above songs … And not forgetting Kent Records, the cream of the crop in Soul albums and who were part of the catalyst that sparked my love affair with 60s Soul in 1985.

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