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Jaynes Soulful Sunday Fusion Radio 22nd July 2018 - 60s Soul, Northern Soul & Mod

When I opened an account on Twitter in 2014 I was never to anticipate that four years later down the line, I would connect with so many people. Some of which have an admirable passion for 60s Soul & early & 60s R&B. As a result, over those four years, myself along with others, continue to share & discuss these genres of music. Some classics, some rarities and some that are new discoveries. Consequently this has resulted in the forming of friendships, sharing of laughs, as well as a few tears along the way.

The common denominator bringing us all together is music. Once of those collectives was the Fusion family. Sadly the shows are no more, as of 18th November 2018. Therefore because of this I have chosen to write this article to make those not aware, that these uploads are still available for those who never caught them the first time.

The Fusion Family – Broadcasts, Showreels & Mixcloud

The idea for Fusion was conceived by Mick Collins. The Fusion family were a group of like-minded individuals that came together on Sunday evenings at 8.30 pm – 9.30 pm on Mixlr.  A show where we individually choose a set of about 20 tracks which are then broadcast. The majority of these songs covering music genres from the 1960s. Catch up shows are still available here on Solid Fusion Showreel and more recent shows are also available on Solid Fusion Radio’s Mixcloud. These include those from Paul Orwell, Monkey, Katy T, Sime, Mick, Lee, Zyd, Jane and Jason.

Whilst I was a late comer to sharing my music, I was fortunate to broadcast two sets entitled “Jayne’s Soulful Sundays” One broadcast on the 22nd July 2018, the second on 14th October 2018. My choices of songs based on not only some of my favourite tracks however additionally those that remind me of various friends & family. Likewise also, the events and the DJ’s that have introduced me to some of these various tracks.

Fusion Radio

Mick Collins the founder of Fusion Radio, gave myself and so many of us the opportunity to share some very special music. I’d like to add that through Mick’s conception and idea for Fusion Radio, he created something that was very unique and so very special.

Furthermore Mick was the catalyst that connected us with like minded people and from this friendships were formed. Hopefully some that will that last a lifetime. Music is there to be shared. It brings many of us joy and happiness. In my opinion, if anyone has the ability to connect like minded people with music then that’s a very special human trait to have. Mick way and beyond contributed to all this and whilst Fusion has now ended, he has left behind a lovely legacy.

Additionally, Simon Ibbotson of Solid Front Radio carried out his behind the scenes hard work to enable our broadcasts to be heard. Simon, as with others has an admirable passion for the sharing of music and has always, along with Mick and all the Fusion Family, displayed encouragement and support. For this I would like to thank them all.

The People Who Introduced Me To Or Influenced My Song Choices

I would also like to add a special thanks to those who have introduced & influenced my choice of songs for my broadcasts: Tony Beesley, Sharon Burns, Rob Cox, John Crawford, Mark Crew, Caroline Dann, Glenn Goodwin, Paul Hallam, Alan Handscombe-McGrath, Bill Kealy, Ian Jackson, Jamie McGrane, Lee Parsons, Eve Pearce, Rachelle Piper, Em Price, Mark Raison, Sharon Tyler & Squeak. And my Mam of course who helped me whittle down my second set list. 🙂

Below are the Mixcloud uploads of my shows & my set lists.

22nd July 2018 – Jayne’s Soulful Sunday by Solid Fusion Radio

Jaynes Soulful Sunday Fusion Radio 22nd July 2018 - 60s Soul, Northern Soul & Mod

  • The Dynamics – Misery
  • Chuck Jackson – Hand It Over
  • Patti Austin – Someone’s Gonna Cry
  • Dusty Springfield – You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
  • The Halos – Just Keep On Loving Me
  • Little Flint – Pain
  • Soul Brothers Six – I’ll Be Loving You
  • Little Herman – Keep On Walking
  • Brenda Holloway – I’m Still Loving You
  • The Fabulous Peps – With These Eyes
  • Etta James & Sugar Pie De Santo – Do I Make Myself Clear
  • Sam Cooke – Bring It On Home To Me
  • Baby Washington – Let Love Go By
  • The Tams – Be Young, Be Foolish Be Happy
  • Ben E King – I Can’t Break The News To Myself
  • Clydie King – The Thrill Is Gone
  • Jackie Lee – O’ My Darling
  • Nolan Porter – If I Could Only Be Sure
  • Garnett Mimms – As Long As I Have You
  • Ike & Tina Turner – Somebody, Somewhere Needs You
  • The Broadways – You Just Don’t Know

14th October 2018 – Jayne’s Soulful Sunday by Fusion Radio  Jaynes Soulful Sunday Fusion Radio 14th July 2018 - Playing 60s Soul, Northern Soul & Mod

  • The Majestics – (I Love Her So Much) It Hurts Me
  • Baby Washington – Run My Heart
  • Creations – I Wanna Talk To You
  • Ray Pollard – This Time
  • Sissie Houston – Bring Him Back
  • Rick Lovejoy – Don’t Leave Me Behind
  • Marlena Shaw – Let’s Wade in the Water
  • The Turnpikes – Cast A Spell
  • Terry Callier – Look At Me Now
  • Mongo Santamaria – Cloud Nine
  • Arthur Alexander – Go Home Girl
  • Jackie Shane – Comin Down
  • The Groove – Love Is Getting Better
  • Marvin Gaye – When I Had Your Love
  • Carl Carlton – I Can Feel It
  • J D Bryant – I Won’t Be Coming Back
  • Kenny Carter – I’ve Gotta Find Her
  • Suzy Wallis – Tell Him
  • The Drifters – Baby What I Mean
  • The Wall Of Sound – Hang On
  • Roy Hamilton – Reach Out For Me
  • Clyde McPhatter – Lonely People Can Afford To Cry

More recent and past uploads can be found here for other sets from the Fusion family

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