1980s Mod Rally Cassettes – Tape 1 – 60s Soul, Northern Soul, 60s R&B & Mod Music

Music played at the CCI Mod Rallies

This post is one which I was eager to include within the memories and nostalgia section of this site. Partly because it is one which that I knew I would enjoy writing. However in addition, one which I wanted to share with like minded individuals and friends who have requested that I post the track listings from my 1980s Mod rally cassettes. Here is the story of how I was to reacquaint myself with what I term my “lost tapes”.

1980s Mod Rally Cassettes

I am one of those individuals who likes to keep momentoes from throughout my life. Reminders as well as possessions that capture moments and memories that span through nearly my five decades on this planet. A few years ago we made a conscious decision to visit our loft. With good intentions of sorting through a few of our storage boxes. So bearing the above in mind and I’m sure that some can relate to, it was one that was filled with trepidation! However it was a pleasant surprise when I was to stumble across two plastic crates. Furthermore, little was I to know what I would find inside them. These two crates had the contents of some of my memories from my old Mod days in the 1980s. Not only were there an abundance of flyers, tickets, posters, old scrapbooks, letters etc but also in addition, several Mod rally cassettes.

Furthermore, on viewing the contents, they remained unspoilt throughout those twenty odd or so years in storage. From the day they had been neatly packed and placed in my parent’s loft before I left home, they had been stored in several lofts of homes throughout the last few decades of my life. Consequently these boxes had also been transported over seventy miles in that time too.

I am perhaps what some people will describe as a hoarder. Maybe for keeping these collections. Some friends and family tell me that they are totally brutal when sorting through their personal possessions and only keep what they deem necessary. However, I am so glad that I chose to keep these boxes of memorabilia.

One of the main reasons being is that these cassettes are not just any old tapes. Within every spool is the music that defines my memories of the Mod rallies, Mod allnighters and old friendships. Memories of places, times and people three decades on, that many of us continue to remember with fondness.

I hope that by sharing this collection of 1960s Soul, early Mod music as well as some which is termed Northern Soul, in this and upcoming future posts will evoke many happy memories. Furthermore that it will bring a smile to your face, as it does for me. Music for me personally, is just as good as viewing old photos, because I find music is the next best thing to captivate those times of the photographs that were never taken.

Below are the track listings from the first of my Mod rally cassettes ;

Tape 1

  • The Showman – Our Love Will Grow
  • Lou Johnson – Magic Potion
  • Larry Williams & Johnny Watson – Too Late
  • Moses Smith – Girl Across The Street
  • Julian Covey & The Machine – Little Bit Hurt
  • Dean Parrish – Skate
  • Phil Upchurch Combo – You Can’t Sit Down Part 1
  • Darrow Fletcher – Infatuation
  • Roy Head & The Traits – Treat Her Right
  • James Brown – Love Don’t Love Nobody
  • The Enchantments – I’m In Love With Your Daughter
  • Robert Parker – Barefootin’
  • Little Stevie Wonder – Part Fingertips 1
  • Tony Clarke – Landslide
  • Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels – Breakout
  • Sandy Wynns – The Touch Of Venus
  • Small Faces – Grow Your Own
  • N. F. Porter – Keep On Keepin’ On
  • Ray Charles – I Don’t Need No Doctor
  • Harvey Scales & 7 Sounds – Get Down
  • Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames – El Bandido
  • Jimmy McGriff – Discotheque U.S.A.
  • The Carnaby – Jump And Dance
  • Phil Upchurch Combo – You Can’t Sit Down Part 2
  • Benny Spellman – Fortune Teller

Updated 19th November 2017
A special thanks to Rob Cox for creating this Mixcloud upload based on the above tape recordings from my first Mod Rally cassette tape.


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