Italo Adriani – The Rimini Mod Scene Part 8

Italo Adriani - Rimini Mods - Merc London, 1985 - 1980s Italian Mod

Italo Adriani – The Rimini Mod Scene Part 8 – Clothing, Lambrettas, 80s Mod Music Memories & Mod Rallies

Continuing my series of chats with Andrea Mattioni, Francesco Lisi Scardavi and Italo Adriani regarding their time as 1980s Rimini Mods in North East Italy, here is Italo’s final transcript.
Taking a walk down the lane of his nostalgic 1980s Mod days, Italo talks us through his memories of Mod style, as well as a handful of his popular listens back then and also the Lambretta scooters he has and continues to own.

Italo Adriani, 2014 - Rimini Mods - Mod Male - French Line Haircut
Italo Adriani, 2014 – Photo copyright & kind permission of Italo Adriani

How would you describe your atypical dress during this time & are there any clothes that you wore that you particularly liked?

As we all did back then, I wore tailored clothing. The clothing I particularly liked included hipsters, drop back with covered buttons.
Regarding shirts, I preferred back then and still do wearing tailored, big collar, button down shirts. Coats ranged from suede or wool 3 button mac type coats as well as suede Harringtons. And not forgetting the the French line back combed hairstyle, which was a must.

Italo Adriani - Rimini Mods, 2014 - Mod Subculture
Rimini Mods – Italo Adriani 2014 – Photo copyright & kind kind permission of Italo Adriani

Tell me about the first Scooter you owned & any further ones you owned throughout your participation in the Rimini Mod scene?

I have always owned Lambretta scooters since the age of 13. Coming from a Vespa riding family wasn’t a great deal to me.The following Lambretta scooters I have owned include a L.i 150 (series 2), T.v  175 (series 4) with L.i panels which was the first slimline series, Serveta 125/175, G.p 150 and a DL 200.

Italo Adriani - Italian-Mod on his Lambretta Scooter
Italo Adriani on his Lambretta – Copyright & kind permission of Italo Adriani

At this time, we all owned scooters. However on each scooter having no mirrors was essential. All the scooters back then had clean paint and fast engines.
We did use them throughout the year with the exception of when it was snowing.

Mod music covers a large umbrella. What were some of your top five listens during your participation in the Rimini Mod scene?

Little Milton – Grits Ain’t Groceries – Checker

Sep 21, 2011

Young Jessie – Teacher Gimmie Back – Mercury

Pete Griffin
Mar 4, 2010

Italo Adriani, Original 1980s Italian Mod 2011
Italo Adriani – 2011- Copyright & kind permission of Italo Adriani

Drifters – The Outside World – Atlantic

A really popular track back then played at the CCI rallies.
John Manship
Feb 25, 2015

Ronnie Jones – My Love – Decca

Lee Miller
Dec 21, 2013

Herbie Goins and the Night Timers – Coming Home To You

Pete Griffin
Jan 31, 2012

I’ve also always been a great fan of British R&B, Freakbeat, 60s Psychedelic folk as well as progressive music to the late west coast bands. The list is endless.

Concluding Italo’s final transcript and lovely insight into what it was like to be a Mod male in 1980s Italy, part nine of Francesco’s memories will be published shortly. It’s been a pleasure chatting, laughing and reminiscing about those days. In addition also working on these collaborative articles with Clelia, Andrea, Francesco as well as Italo. An idea that we discussed in the early Spring of 2019 and is still ongoing now two years later.

Italo Adriani, Original 1980s Italian Mod 2013
Italo Adriani – 2013- Copyright & kind permission of Italo Adriani


I would like to say a big thanks to Italo for his contribution to this series of articles regarding my section on 1980s Italian Mods. Also last but by no means, the least, for his continuing support and encouraging words as always, in reference to this site and my writing. It’s very much appreciated. Grazie Italo ?

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